July 2003

Camp Improv

"Southwest Airlines Team joins the Camp Line-up!"

The most effective churches in the future will be those who know how to improvise...who understand about getting ready for what's next. Camp Improv, Leadership Network's 2003 national learning experience, is a boot camp for improvisation that leads to innovation. Held in Dallas, Texas, September 30-October 2, Camp Improv features world class speakers such as Jim Collins, Ron Heifetz, Ray Bakke and Mary Crossan plus more than 25 practitioners from local congregations. If you aren't signed up yet,
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to see what you're missing! To sign up, go to www.campimprov.com.

This Month's Best Practice
July 2003

By Eric Swanson
Leadership Community Director
Externally Focused Churches

Accepting the Wild Challenge

All around the nation there are pastors and Christian leaders who are beginning to think differently about church. Independent of one another, there is a growing awareness that effectiveness is not measured by what happens inside the church but rather by the impact the people in their church are having on their city or community. These are the externally focused churches. We sense it is the externally focused church that will be a very significant model for this decade and beyond.


This Month’s Recommended Tools and Resources for getting Into Action

Resources You Can Use


Every week I get an email from a friend looking for a new staff member. My answers are fairly consistent – go check out www.leadnetchurchstaffing.com and place an ad. That’s the way to find people you wouldn’t find otherwise. Although I am not looking to make a change myself, I get their update emails every week. I check on which churches are seeking out new people and positions and how the churches are describing themselves. Plus, you get a weekly “Monday Morning Insight” that keeps you posted on current news stories involving churches around the country. It’s a great, free service. Check out all the resources for staffing at www.leadnetchurchstaffing.com.


Many of you will remember our old Leadership Training Network (LTN) organization that focused on Equipping Ministries. That team has reformed under the name “Connextions” and is hosting a Level One Institute this fall. This is a great opportunity to get your church’s equipping team up to speed with the latest methods and principles for creating and building an equipping culture. The training is October 26-31 at Sandy Cove Conference Center near Baltimore, MD.

You can find out more by calling Carolyn Cochran at 972-761-0099. You can print a registration form on the Leadership Network web site by going to www.ltn.org and clicking on Events.