July 2006
Making a Brother’s Dream a Reality

Eric McClure (Alabama-Huntsville) has the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue his dream as a professional race car driver. What’s it going to take? Probably just a little help from his brothers. With a great opportunity on the horizon, and just a few weeks remaining, every Sigma Nu can help this young man achieve his dream.

In "American Idol" fashion, Sigma Nus from across the country can vote for

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Brother McClure to have a shot on a new reality TV show called Racin’ for a Livin’. The show, which will air on a prime-time network and be distributed internationally, will allow viewers to see and experience the high intensity world of auto racing through the eyes and mind of the driver. They will take rookie unknown race car drivers from all across the country, train them next to veteran drivers and pit them against each other for a chance at a 2007 contract to race in the NASCAR Busch Grand National division, the series just below the NASCAR Nextel Cup. This is every racer’s dream.

It all began for McClure, a junior Human Resources major, when he started racing at the age of 14 at Huntsville Speedway. It was only natural for him to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather who raced there in the 70s. "I grew up watching NASCAR and local racing as my grandparents wondered when it would be my turn. Racing is much more than a hobby for me; it’s a way of life. Once I got behind the wheel of my first stock car at the age of 14, I was hooked," recalls McClure.

The Chance of a Lifetime
Although he has had success as a driver, winning numerous races in the Hobby Stock and Super Stock divisions, recent financial challenges and lack of sponsorships put a halt to his dream of becoming a professional race car driver.

Then, along came Racin’ for a Livin’. The show’s producers had originally selected 50 drivers from thousands of applicants.
Online votes will determine the 15 drivers out of those 50 who will move on to preliminary track testing. McClure was not selected as one of those 50; however, a second opportunity arose in which he could be chosen for one of 20 Rookie Wildcard positions. From there, all he’d have to do was land in the top five of the Wildcards to get a chance to move on to track testing and potentially become one of the final 12 drivers who would be on the show.

In June, after a few weeks of silence from the producers and learning that someone from Alabama had already been selected, McClure had all but lost hope for the WildCard opportunity. On the night of June 26, McClure received a call from another competitor who shared that there would be one more available spot for the racer who could submit the best marketing proposal by 11:00 PM that night. With only two hours to work on the proposal, McClure submitted the winning pitch that would secure him one of the 20 Wildcard spots.

Here’s Where You Come In
Voting for the 5 Wildcard positions ends on August 15th at 11:59 EDT. Every Sigma Nu can vote for McClure’s opportunity to achieve his dream. Click here to visit the Racin’ for a Livin’ website, then click on the WildCard button and vote for Eric McClure from Alabama. Voting is available 24 hours a day and you may vote as often as you wish. As of this writing, McClure is in 7th place. If you would like to learn more about McClure and his racing career, visit his website at www.Eric-McClure.com.

Sigma Nu Leadership
McClure pledged Sigma Nu in fall 2003 and was initiated in January 2004. He says he joined because of the quality guys he had met who were already members. He also recognized the chapter’s involvement in the campus community, which was important to him.

"Sigma Nu is a great leadership opportunity and a chance to make life-long friendships," says McClure. He currently serves the chapter as LEAD Chairman, focusing mostly on Phase Two last semester. He placed a high priority on getting the junior initiates involved in the chapter. In the fall, he says, they will focus on Phases Three and Four of the LEAD curriculum.

Proving Himself
Even though McClure’s career dreams involve racing, he’s working hard to complete his degree and learn as much as he can about Human Resources. He’s involved in a co-op program in which he gains hands-on work experience in his field while still in college.

As far as the racing opportunity, it’s not just about online voting. That’s only the
next hurdle to cross for a chance to race on the show. But McClure says that if he gets the opportunity to prove himself in the next step, he feels he has a good chance to go on.

In addition to this story, McClure has achieved local publicity, being featured on two local TV Networks (NBC WAFF 48, ABC WAAY 31) and a few radio stations (Sports Radio 730AM WUMP & Country 102.1FM WDRM). He has also been featured in the local newspaper "The Huntsville Times". National recognition, like this article, could potentially earn him bonus points in the voting of a yet-to-be-determined value.

In the next few weeks, McClure could be one step closer to his dream, especially if the more than 30,000 brothers who receive The Rock take time to go online and vote every day. He could soon be on his way to proving himself as a driver. And you can help him get one step closer to his dream.

Make sure you vote for Eric McClure today!
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